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Established in 2019, our remote software engineering company specializes in serving Dutch customers and employs remote software engineers from Ukraine.

We aim to enhance your software development capacity by providing access to qualified and experienced remote software engineers.

Your incoming software engineers will operate remotely yet integrate effectively into your existing team, under the direction of your CTO.

Presently, we support 25 clients alongside around 100 software engineers, aspiring to expand our team to over 500 professionals.

In 2023, we consolidated the Dutch sales operation, formerly Zanemoon, with the Ukrainian delivery centers, rebranding as Codifire Group.

Codifire Group operates from two locations in the Netherlands, situated in Amsterdam and Deventer, with our Ukrainian delivery centers based in Chernivtsi and Uzhgorod.

Our approach to both client and software engineer relationships is geared towards long term cooperation. This means we don't offer software engineers for few weeks or months; our model transcends that of a typical "secondment provider".

We pay our software engineers world-class salaries, but our limited overhead allows us to offer competitive rates. All our software engineers take mandatory English classes, so communication with your team is smooth and professional.

You need to expand your software department with one or more qualified and experienced software engineers for a long term.

We have a broad network of qualified software engineers working in Ukraine.

Our recruiters ensure the best match for your software team; we offer you the best candidates and you make the final choice.

Your new team members will maintain daily communication with your CTO, ensuring tasks are aligned for smooth project development.

We promise an outstanding work environment to boost productivity, along with timely salary and tax processing.


Software Engineers.


Offices in the Netherlands.


Delivery centers in Ukraine.


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